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*'''[[XVII Yacht Loreley Stamboul 20/X/98.]]'''<br>
*'''[[XVII Yacht Loreley Stamboul 20/X/98.]]'''<br>
*'''[[XVIII Damascus 9/XI/98.]]'''<br>
*'''[[XVIII Damascus 9/XI/98.]]'''<br>
*'''[[XIX Berlin 6/V/I900.]]'''<br>
*'''[[XIX Berlin 6/V/I900.]]'''<br>
*'''[[XX Swinemünde 8/VI/1901.]]'''<br>
Dearest Nicky<br><br>
In haste I just manage to write these few lines to thank you from the depth of my heart for your kind and dear letter you so kindly sent me through Costia1. Indeed I do so well remember the events of your coming of age and the ceremonies which accompanied it! How bravely you spoke your oath and how deeply moved your dear father was when he embraced you afterwards! How time has gone by! Now you too are ruler of a Great Empire and have children, and I have a grown up son! What a very kind idea it was of you to send Costia and dear old Richter2 as well as the Gentlemen of your suite to be present at the coming of the age of my boy.3 It makes me thankful and proud that you kindly take such an interest in the events which take place in our house, which is again a proof of the firm bond of friendship which we have inherited from our fathers and which, with Gods Will and help may never cease to exist! The ceremony of his taking the oath4 on the old colours of the I Rgt. of the Guards was most impressive and very touching, the boy behaving most naturally and also very bravely before the great assembly of Princes etc. With thousand thanks and kind much love to dear Alix and the wishes for a good summer I remain<br><br>
Ever your most aff-ate cousin and friend<BR>
P.S. Our grand maneuvres this year between Guards and II A.5 Corps are near Stettin;6 should you care to see some of it you could come with your yacht to Swinemunde and from there I could take you straight up the river to the town.
1. Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovitch, the.Czar's cousin <br>
2. General von Richter, chief of the German Imperial Household.<br>
3. The Crown Prince was eighteen years old on May 6th, 1900. His birthday was celebrated with unprecedented ceremony, the Austrian Emperor being present.<br>
4. After the service in the Chapel of the Royal Palace, the Crown Prince repeated the oath of fealty to the colors as recited by General von Plessen, who had placed his own helmet on the Crown Prince's head.<br>
5. Second Army Corps.<br>
6. The maneuvres between the Guard Corps and the Second Army Corps took place in Pomerania during the first two weeks of September, 1900. The Czar did not accept the Kaiser's invitation.<br><br>
Swinemünde 8/VI 1901</B><br><br>
Dearest Nicky<br><br>
Dearest Nicky<br><br>

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Dearest Nicky

I send you this lines through my son Adalbert1 to whom I trust you will kindly extend your grace. It is the first foreign country which he visits, and as he is still only a middy I beg you will not make too much of him officially. He is young and steady and I rely upon you that you will kindly see that he does not get into wrong or bad company.

With best love to Alix and her times I remain, with great pleasure anticipating our meeting on the sea

Ever your most aff-ate cousin and friend

1. Prince Adalbert arrived off Petrograd on July 19th in the German training ship "Charlotte." On July 23rd the Czar wearing the German Naval Uniform paid him a visit on board.

13/VI 1901 Kiel

Dearest Nicky

My best and warmest thanks for your kind messages through Paulis.1 Everything shall be arranged as you wish. The fleet is to be anchored according to the wind, where the anchorage offers most cover. Boyes marked with Russian flags will be laid for your vessels. Aviso and torpedoboats will meet you and guide you to your berth. Am not going to bring any diplomatist with me; not even the chancellor2 excepting your wanting to see him.

Waldersee3 will be there to "melden"4 himself. Dear old Schouwaloff is in Berlin and the whole garrison is making its pilgrimage to him; in the streets every soldier makes "front" and in passing his window the bands play your Hymn.

With greatest pleasure I look forward to meet you! Weidmannsheil5 for Alix.


1.Count Pauli, Russian Naval Attaché in Berlin.
2. Count Bulow had succeeded Prince Hohenlohe as Chancellor October 18th, 1900.
3. Field-Marshal Count von Waldersee was then on his way back from China. He had taken command of the Allied forces in China on September 27th, 1900. He left Peking on June 3rd, 1901, and arrived at Hamburg on August 8th. The proposed arrangements for meeting between Czar and Kaiser must refer to the Danzig meeting of September 11th.
4. Report.
5. Sportsman's greeting.

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