CEF: Canadian Troop Strength in Siberia,

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CEF: Canadian Troop Strength in Siberia, 1918-1919


by Andrew Godefroy

Canada sent troops both on the task force to northern Russia and to Siberia, the latter force being called the CSEF (Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force). It constituted a little more than a brigade and was recalled in 1919.

Units included the 259th and 260th Battalions, No.6 Signal Section, 16 Field Company CE, and 20th Canadian Machine Gun Coy, as well as 'B' Squadron Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The cemetary at Churkin, Vladivostok holds the graves of CSEF men who died (a total of 18 at this cemetary I believe).

The task of the CSEF was similar to that of the Americans, to protect stores and supplies should the Russians be able to use them. The CSEF spent most of their time on various works projects and were eventually recalled. The activites of the North Russia force were somewhat more exciting.


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