Cambon, J.

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J-CAMBON.GIFSPACER.GIFCambon, Jules. (1845, France - 1935, Switzerland). Trained as a lawyer, Cambon did notable service as a French government official and diplomat.

After serving as prefect in Algeria, Paris and the north of France, Cambon was appointed ambassador to the United States in 1897, subsequently playing an important role in the peace negociations between Spain and the United States at the end of the Spanish-American War. In the following decade, together with his brother Paul Cambon, French Ambassador to Great Britain, he worked to avoid war between France and Germany. During the War, he was secretary-general of the Foreign Ministry and, at the Versaille peace conferences, was chairmeain of the commissions for Greek, Czech and Polish matters. Elected to the French Academy, he served as chairman of the Counctil of Ambassadors, responsible for supervising the application of the Treaty of Versailles


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