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Alphabetically arranged by name of memoir writer (if available)

or by title keyword(s).

Robert R. Abercromby.

[http://www.hellfire-corner.demon.co.uk/abercromby.htm">"I Would Not be Here if He Had!"

Following Australian Footsteps </br>
Through the Battlefields of the Western Front. ].

[memoir/AFShist/AFSTC.htm">History of the American Field Service in France, 1914-1917,

Told by its Members.]
New York and Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 1920.

Also see the website on ">AFS in World War I
prepared by Alan Albright as a part of his ">American Field Service site. </P>

Dikran Andreasian.

">Comment un drapeau sauva quatre mille Arméniens.

Paris: Fischbacher, n.d.
- en français -

[memoir/lastanzc.htm">In Memoriam - The Last Anzacs]</P>

[memoir/warindex.shtml">Arizona's War Dead: WWI, WWII,

 Korea, Vietnam, Southwest Asia] 
The Arizona Republic, 31 May 1999</P>

[memoir/armisp.html">Armistice à Cap Pelé]

- en français -</P>

Olga Bing.


 d'Infirmières, Croquis 1916-1917]. 
Paris: Léon Marotte, 1917.

- en français -

[memoir/ration.html">British & German rations.]

1914 & 1916</P>

Leslie Buswell.


 the American Ambulance Field Service in France. 
Personal Letters of a Driver at the Front].

Joseph G. Butler.

">A Journey Through France in War Time.

Cleveland : Penton Press, 1917.

John Bruce Cairnie.

[memoir/cairnie1915.htm">The Great War Diaries - 1915 (5th Seaforths)].
[memoir/cairnie1917.htm">The Great War Diaries - 1917 (King's African Rifles)].

">Canadian Letters From the Front

Transcribed letters from the ">Canadian Great War Project.

">Canadian War Diaries

Transcribed and searchable diaries from the ">Canadian Great War Project.

[memoir/cef.html">CEF: Canadian Troop Strength in Siberia,]


Harold Chapin. [memoir/Chapin/ChapinTC.htm">Soldier

 and Dramatist ]. 

[ http://www.christmastruce.co.uk/">Christmas Truce 1914: Operation Plum Puddings]

A project to document the Christmas Truce.
Includes ">letters, ">songs, and ">other works about this astonishing event.</P>

Georges Clemenceau.

">Discours de Guerre.

Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1968.
- en français - </P>

Georges Clemenceau. ">Grandeurs et misères d'une victoire.

Paris: Plon, 1973.
- en français - </P>

Ella Cordasco.

">Recollections of the Russian Revolution.

(March - October 1917).</P>

Benjamin E. Cruzan.

">A Soldier's Diary.

(December 1917 - June 1919).</P>

Edward E. Cummings.

[memoir/cummings/roomTC.htm"> An Enormous Room].

New York: Boni & Liveright, 1922.</P>

[memoir/marines/cunning/flyer.html">Marine Flyer in France: ]

 The Diary of Capt. Alfred A. Cunningham. 

November 1917 - January


Kenneth Sydney Day.

[memoir/ksday.htm">Diary During My Service with the Australian Imperial Forces - 1914-15-16-17]. </P>

Kirkland H. Day.



Boston: Marshall Jones, 1919.</P>

[memoir/declawar.html">Declarations of War.]

Dates of war declarations by country.</P>


 of Section Eight]. 

Privately printed, 1917.</P>

Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

">Das Infanterie Regiment 187 in den Vogesen 1915-1916

German original.

    Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

    ">Infantry Regiment 187 in the Vosges Mountains, 1915-1916

    English translation.

Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

">Das Infanterie-Regiment 187 im Rumänienfeldzug 1916/17

German original.

    Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

    German Infantry Regiment 187 in the Romanian campaign, 1916-1917]

    English translation.
    "> - Part I -     "> - Part II -     "> - Part III -     "> - Part IV - .

Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

">Das Infanterie Regiment 187 in Lothringen und bei Reims 1917

German original.

    Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

    German Infantry Regiment 187 in Lorraine and at Reims, 1917]

    English translation.
    "> - Part I -     "> - Part II - .

Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

[http://users.skynet.be/bk230381/ir187_1.htm">Das Infanterie Regiment 187
in Flandern, bei Arras und Cambrai 1917/18]
German original.

    Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

    German Infantry Regiment 187 in Flanders, at Arras and Cambrai, 1917-1918]

    English translation.
    "> - Part I -     "> - Part II -     "> - Part III -     "> - Part IV - .

Gerhard Friedrich Dose.

[http://www.lib.byu.edu/estu/wwi/1915/PP-Linge.pps">Das Königlich Preußische Infanterie Regiment 187

auf dem Lingekopf, Oktober bis Dezember 1915]

An illustrated tour of German Infantry Regiment 187 at the Linge.
-- requires PowerPoint software --

Stapleton T. Eachus.

">The Great War Diaries.

Sherwood Eddy.

 Our Soldiers in France]. 
New York, 1917.</P>


An ">Eye-Witness at Louvain.

London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1914 .</P>

Fred A. Farrell.

[memoir/docs/51st/51st1.htm">The 51st (Highland) Division
 - War Sketches].</P>

">I Figli della guerra.</P>

Venice: Istituto Veneto di Arti Grafiche Venezia, 1919
- in italiano -


Memoirs and recollections of German flyers from 1911 through 1920.

Maréchal Ferdinand Foch.

">Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de la guerre de 1914-1918.

Paris: Plon, 1931.
- en français - </P>

">War Prison Barracks Three: Fort Douglas, Utah

German and Austro-Hungarian Civilian Internment Camp
for the Western United States
1917 - 1920.</P>


 of France. The Field Service of the American Ambulance,
described by its members.]

Boston, 1916.</P>

Ruth Gaines.


 Village in Picardy.] 

New York: E.P. Dutton, 1918.
The work of the Smith College Relief Unit in the Somme.</P>

Ruth Gaines.

[memoir/GainesARC/GainesTC.htm"> Helping France.] 

New York: E.P. Dutton, 1919.
The Red Cross in the Devastated Area.</P>

James W. Gerard.

[memoir/Gerard2/KaiserismTC.htm"> Face to Face with Kaiserism]. 
New York: George H. Doran, 1918.</P>

James W. Gerard. [American Ambassador to Germany]

[memoir/Gerard/4yrsTC.htm">My Four Years in Germany].
New York: George H. Doran, 1917.</P>

Anonymous. Translated by J. Koettgen.

[memoir/Deserter/GermanTC.htm">A German Deserter's War Experience].
New York, 1917.</P>

[memoir/germvers.html">German Verse from the Trenches]

- auf Deutsch -

[memoir/docs/statistics/statstc.htm">The War With Germany:

 A Statistical Summary]. 
GPO, 1919</P>

Hugh Gibson.

[memoir/Legation/GibsonTC.htm">A Journal from Our Legation in Belgium].

New York: Doubleday Page, 1917.

Paul B. Gill.

[http://my.inil.com/~jimvgill/wwipages/pbhstry.html">The Letters, Diary, Postcards and Pictures

Of a World War I Soldier].

[memoir/gould.html">Un veteran se rapelle: Gould Interview

- en français -

Remy de Gourmont.

">Pendant l'orage.

Paris: E. Champion, 1915. </P>

Charlie and Wally Gray. [http://www.archives.gov.on.ca/english/exhibits/gray/index.html"> Letters]

Site maintained by the government of Ontario, Canada.

Donald Hankey.

 Student in Arms]. 
New York: Dutton, 1917</P>

Alexander J. Hemphill.

">"Belgium Under the Surface".

New York: The Commission for Relief in Belgium, [1914-1918]</P>

Aubrey Herbert.

">Mons, Anzac & Kut.

London: Hutchinson & Co., 1919</P>

Col J. Bentley Mott.

[memoir/Herrick/MTHTC.htm"> Myron T. Herrick, Friend of France].

Garden City, NY: Doubleday Doran, 1929.
[Herrick was American Ambassador to France
at the

 beginning of the War].</P>

James H. Hyde.

">Avanti Savoia: impressions du front Italien. 
Suresnes: Crémieu, 1917

Edwin E. Jones.

"> Memoirs & Diaries: France, Egypt, Mesopotamia.

(1915 - 1916).

Charlotte Kellogg.

[memoir/CKellogg/WBelgTC.htm"> Women of Belgium].

New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1917.</P>

Fritz Kreisler.

[memoir/Kreisler/Kreisler.htm">Four Weeks in the Trenches. The War Story of a Violinist].

New York, 1915.</P>

Claude Léger.

[memoir/artic165.html">Le 165e Bataillon d'Infanterie d'Outremer]

- en français -</P>

Thomas Fredrick Littler.

">First World War Diaries, 1914-1919.

Including ">cartoon postcards, ">photographs, and other materials.

George O. Lunn.

">36 days in 1915.

The War Diary of George Oliver Lunn.

L.C. McCollum.

 and Rhymes of the Lost Battalion]. 

Patrick MacGill.

 Great Push]

Patrick MacGill.

[memoir/macgill.html">Soldier Songs of World War I].

">WWI Diary of Robert Lindsay Mackay.

Covering the years 1915-1918, day-by-day!</P>

">The World War I Diary of A. W. Miller

With entries from February to November of 1918.</P>

The diary of ">Fred Mitchell, an artilleryman.

Entries range from January 1 - March 23, 1916.
(More information on artillery on a ">separate page.)

Percy Mitchell.[memoir/Clearing/archTC.html">

 The American Relief Clearing House. 
Its Work in the Great War.]

Paris: Herbert Clarke, 1922.</P>

Martin Niepage.

"> The horrors of Aleppo . . seen by a German eyewitness.

London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1916 .</P>

James Oakleaf.

[memoir/Oakleaf/108th.htm">Some Notes on the 108th Infantry.]


Burton J. Hendrick.


 Life and Letters of Walter H. Page]. 

Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1923.
[Page was American Ambassador to Great Britain].</P>

Maurice Paléologue. [Last French Ambassador to the Russian Court].

[memoir/FrAmbRus/palTC.htm">An Ambassador's Memoirs].
New York, 1925.


 Diary of Thomas Reginald Part]: 
An Australian Soldier Who Fought at Gallipoli and in France
before being killed.</P>

[memoir/athanase.html">Lettres du front d'Athanase Poirier].

- en français -</P>

Frederick A. Pottle.

[memoir/Stretchers/PottleTC.htm"> Stretchers ]

New Haven,1929.</P>

G. Ward Price.


 Story of the Salonica Army]. 
New York: Edward J. Clode, 1918.</P>

R.P. Joseph Raymond.

 et Epée]. 
- en français -

William Hard.

[memoir/Robins/Robins1.htm">Raymond Robins' Own Story].

New York, 1920.</P>

James Rennell Rodd.

[British Ambassador to Italy before and

 during the Great War]. 
[memoir/Rodd/RoddTC.htm">Social and Diplomatic Memories. Third Series. 1902-1919].
London, 1925.

Charles Rooke.

">A Few of My Experiences Whilst "On Active Service".

(1917 - 1918).

[memoir/aef_cong.htm">Testimony before the 102nd US Congress, November 1991,

concerning the AEF experience in Russia ]
at the end of the Great War and the possible abandonment
of American POWs.

Admiral Reinhard Scheer.

[http://richthofen.com/scheer/"> Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War].

(English translation)

William Schira.

[memoir/Schira/Schira.htm">Personal Diary]. 


John E. Schroeder.

[http://www.caulleycorner.com/wwimain.html">World War I

Through the Lens of One Private's Camera].
1917 - 1919.</P>

Alan Seeger.

[memoir/Seeger/Alan1.htm">Letters and Diary]


Alan Seeeger.



Henry Sheehan.


 Volunteer Poilu.] 
Boston, 1916.</P>

Clayton M. Sherwood.

[http://www.geocities.com/nevillestclair/WarDiaryIntro.htm">"Writing by Moonlight."

An American’s Diary of Foreign Service,
August 1917 to February 1919].

James T. Shotwell.

[memoir/shotwell.htm">At the Paris Peace Conference.

(1937 - Appendices IV-VII - Extracts)]</P>

[memoir/docs/scru.htm">The Smith College/Sophia Smith Archives

 of World War I]</P>

">La dernière lettre écrite par des soldats tombés au champ d'honneur 1914-1918.

Paris: Union des pères et des mères dont les fils sont morts pour la Patrie:
la ligue des chefs de section et des soldats combattants:
E. Flammarion, 1922.
- en français - </P>

[memoir/somme.html">Events, Commemorations and Accounts of the Somme]

 The 80th Anniversary, 1 July 1916 - 1 July 1996.</P>

Cecil Sommers.

[memoir/Crusaders/Sommers.htm">Temporary Crusaders.]

London, 1919.</P>

Clair Stanley.

[memoir/warmem.htm">In Memoriam, The Great War].

(An artistic collage, 1997).</P>

William Yorke Stevenson.

[memoir/Stevenson/flivverTC.html"> At The Front In A Flivver]. 

William Yorke Stevenson.

[memoir/Stevenson/poiluTC.html">From "Poilu to "Yank"].


Friedrich Graf Szápáry.

[memoir/szap2.htm">Das Verhältnis Österreich-Ungarns zu  Rußland].

(The Attitude of Austria-Hungary Towards Russia)
- auf Deutsch -</P>

Friedrich Graf Szápáry

[memoir/szap1.htm">Aus den Krisenjahren]
(The Years of Crisis, 1908-1913: Extract)
- auf Deutsch -</P>

Oberst von Thaer

">Aus den Tagebuchnotizen

(Diary Notes from 1 October 1918)
- auf Deutsch -
">English translation also available.

A. C. M. Thomson.

">Field Diaries of the First World War

(June 1915 - May 1917).

Thomas Tiplady.

[memoir/cross/crossTC.htm">The Cross at the Front:]


Laura de Gozdawa Turczynowicz.

[memoir/Poland/Poland1.htm">When the Prussians Came to Poland.

The Experiences of an American Woman
During the German Invasion.]
New York, 1916.</P>

">The Sinking of the Tuscania, February 5, 1918 

John J. Skinner.

[http://www.ga98tew.eurobell.co.uk/vail/">Diary of Sapper G. E. Vail,

Royal Engineers, 15th Infantry Brigade, 5th Division, B.E.F.,France.]
(1914 - 1918).

Demetra Vaka.


 the Heart of German Intrigue]. 

[memoir/warnurse/wnTC.html">A War Nurse's Diary. Sketches from a Belgian Field Hospital. ]

New York: MacMillan, 1918.</P>

Herbert Ward.


 Poilu. Notes and Sketches with the Fighting French]. 
London, 1916.</P>

C.H. Weston.


 Years with the New Zealanders]. 

William B. Whitmore.

">England & The Somme.

(1915 - 1916).

Albert Rhys Williams.

[memoir/RusRev/RRTC.htm"> Through the Russian Revolution].

New York: Boni & Liveright, 1921.</P>

John Caspar Wister.

">Experiencing War. 
Library of Congress: Veterans History Project</P>


 Poet of the Air. Letters of Jack Morris Wright, 
First Lieutenant of the American Aviation in France,
April 1917-January 1918].
Boston: Houghton & Mifflin, 1918.</P>

[memoir/zeppelin.html">The Great Zeppelin Raid.

January 31, 1916]

See additional ">first-hand accounts at FirstWorldWar.com.

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