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DIAZ.GIFSPACER.GIFDiaz, Marshal Armando, Duke della Vittoria, (1861-1928) Born Naples, Italy.

Chief of the Italian General Staff, replacing General Cadorna, after Cadorna's defeat at Caporetto. He held the line at the River Piave, and with only 33 divisions left after Caporetto, where 32 were lost, he blocked the Austro-German attempts to cross during November and December, 1917. Again, in June-July, 1918, he again repulsed the attempted Austrian Piave offensive, and between 24 October and 4 November of that year, destroyed the Austrian armies at Vittorio Veneto. Diaz concluded an armistice with the Austrians on 4 November. Appointed Minister of War in Mussolini's Fascist government in October, 1922, but resigned for illness, April, 1924.


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