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ITALHOLD.GIFSPACER.GIFDouhet, Giulio. (1869-1930). Born, Caperta, Italy.

Douhet was involved in the Italian Air Service as early as 1909, and commanded the first aerial bombardment unit ever, in Libya, during the Italo-Turkish War. In 1915, Douhet was made head of the Army's Aviation section, but later that year was court-martialed and imprisoned for criticising his Army superiors in memoranda directed to the Cabinet. He was recalled after Caporetto, and made head of the Central Aeronautical Bureau, and in 1921, published Il Dominio dell' Aria. Douhet's understanding of the offensive capabilities of airpower was almost prophetic, including the possible use of aircraft to destroy enemy cities, transport and industries; he understood the possibilities that a strong air force could provide to even strategic inadequacies.


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