German Reply to the Swiss Peace Note, December 28, 1916

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WWI Document Archive > 1916 Documents > Official Communications and Speeches Relating to Peace Proposals 1916-1917 > German Reply to the Swiss Peace Note, December 28, 1916

German Reply to the Swiss Peace Note, December 28, 19131

     The Imperial Government has taken note of the fact that the
Swiss Federal Council, as a result of its having placed itself in
communication some time ago with the President of the United
States of America, is also ready to take action side by side with
them towards bringing about an understanding between the bellig-
erent nations and towards the attainment of a lasting peace. The
spirit of true humanity by which the step of the Swiss Federal Coun-
cil is inspired is fully appreciated and esteemed by the Imperial Gov-
     The Imperial Government has informed the President of the United
States that a direct exchange of views seems to them to be the most
suitable means of obtaining the desired result. Led by the same
considerations which caused Germany on December 12 to offer her
hand for peace negotiations, the German Government has proposed
an immediate meeting of delegates of all the belligerents at a neutral
place. In agreement with the President of the United States the
Imperial Government is of opinion that the great work of pre-
venting future wars can only be taken in hand after the present
world war has terminated. As soon as that moment has come they
will be joyfully ready to cooperate in this sublime task.
     If Switzerland, which, faithful to the country's noble traditions
in mitigating the sufferings caused by the present war, has de-
served imperishable merit, will also contribute to safeguarding the
world's peace, the German nation and Government will highly wel-
come that.

1The Times, London, December 29, 1916.