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HALDANE.GIFSPACER.GIFHaldane, Richard Burdon, Viscount Haldane of Cloan. (1856-1928). Born, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Haldane served as British Secretary of State for War from 1905-1912, and during his tenure pursued and achieved possibly the most critical reforms of the British military system: the creation of an expeditionary force capable of quick movement to the Continent; the development of the Territorial Army as an effective and well-trained reserve body; and the institution of a General Staff. From 1912-1915, Haldane served as Lord Chancellor, but in 1915 was forced out of office as a result of suspicions as to his alleged German sympathies. He was re-appointed Lord Chancellor in 1924 under the Ramsay MacDonald government, and served in that position until his death.


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