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Quick links

  • All help pages: All pages on this server relating to help topics.
  • Templates: All templates currently defined in the system.
  • Training: Links to all of the training sessions provided for the library.
  • Suggest additional training topics on the discussion page.

Wikipedia help links

Here are links out to Wikipedia with a great deal more information and assistance on how to use the system.

Helpful categories

Policies and Procedures

Food for thought

Commenting on the wiki

If you have questions or comments on the format, content, or organization of the wiki, please feel free to contact the wiki creator (

Creating an account

In order to edit you will need to be authenticated, which means you need a logon. To create a logon, please contact the Wiki-Meister ( Given your username and a temporary password, he will then create an account for you. When you receive word of authentication, you can create logon above and type in your user name and password. Your user name will be your World War I Document Archive Wiki logon ID.

Getting started editing a page

Editing a wiki page is extremely simple.

  1. First, we've configured this wiki to only allow editing from people who have been authenticated and who have logged in. If you haven't already created an ID for the wiki, see the instructions above.
  2. Assuming that the page you want to edit already exists (see the information below on how to create a new page), go to the page. At the top of the page are a number of tabs. One of these should be edit. Click on this tab and the contents of the page will appear in a text box.
  3. The page will either use the wiki markup tags, or HTML, or both. In general you can use HTML that would be appropriate under the <body> division, but be careful about extreme formatting since it may conflict with the wiki's own formatting.
  4. Using either the wiki markup tags or HTML, edit the content of the page. If you are adding information to a discussion page, be sure to sign your work by typing four tildes after your addition. These will be replaced with your name and the time.
  5. Below the edit box you will see a text field labeled Summary. Type in a brief explanation of what you have done. This information is very useful to others in order to see what type of changes you have made.
  6. Below the summary box are two boxes. The This is a minor edit box is used to flag content changes that are minor, by your own definition. Again as others view the changes they may choose to ignore minor changes. Checking the Watch this page box will add this page to your watch list.
  7. Below these two boxes are two buttons. The Show preview button is very useful to see what your page is going to look like without saving it permanently. The Save page button will add your changes to the wiki and close the editing screen.

That's it. You've just edited a page in World War I Documents Archive Wiki language.

  • This is a link to Wikipedia showing the wiki markup tags: Editing a page

Creating a new page

In general, creating a new page is done by creating a link from an existing page. The wiki doesn't like pages to be isolated and does not provide a convenient way to create them without linking from somewhere else. This link refers to the documentation at Wikipedia for starting a new page.

Reverting pages

You should revert a page if:

  • You made a mistake that trashed the page when you saved it.
  • Someone has added content to the page that is inaccurate.
  • In the unlikely event of vandalism.

The process is fairly straight forward and documented in Wikipedia.

Getting help

You can contact the wiki creator for questions and assistance.