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BRITHOLD.GIFSPACER.GIFJellicoe, John Rushworth, 1st Earl (1859-1935) Born Southampton, England.

Served in the First Peking Relief Expedition (10-26 June 1900), and badly wounded during the Boxer Rebellion. Named Director of Naval Ordnance at the Admiralty (1905-07), then served as third Sea Lord under Sir John Fisher, 1908. Appointed acting vice admiral in command of the British Atlantic Fleet in December, 1910, and supervised the gunnery experiments on HMS Thunder and Orion. Replaced Admiral Sir George Callahan as Commander-In-Chief of the Home Fleet on 4 August 1914. Defeated Admiral Scheer's sortie at Jutland (31 May-1 June 1916). Made First Sea Lord, 28 November 1916 - December 1917), created Viscount Jellicoe of Scapa, 1919, and later served as Governor-General of New Zealand (1920-24).


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