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File:KUROPAKTIN.JPGSPACER.GIFKuropatkin, General of Infantry Aleksei Nikolaevich. (1848-1925). Born, Shemchurino, Pskov province, Russia.

After an extensive career, including significant service during the Russo-Japanese War, in the Great War Kuropatkin commanded the northern army group from February to July, 1916, and was then sent to Turkestan as governor general and Commander-In-Chief. After revolution broke out, and his arrest by the revolutionaries, Kuropatkin was sent to Petrograd in April, 1917, where he was released by the provisional government and returned to his home village. Possibly his most influential work was the publication, in 1909 of The Russian Army in the Japanese War, which was remarkably frank in its telling of events in that area.


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