LIII Neues Palais 30/XII/1905

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Neues Palais 30/XII/1905

Dearest Nicky

General Tatischeff[1] has given me your letter and presented himself in his new "charge." It is of the highest importance for me to know that he enjoys your full confidence, and I will "le cas echéeant" with pleasure avail myself of his services in my private relations with you. He is welcome here and in the ranks of my headquarters, to which he now belongs.

The new ambassador von Shoen is leaving today with Gen. v. Jacobi.[2] I can vouch for the General's character in every way. He was my first adjutant I ever had, studied with me at Bonn, served in the Ist Guards with the Ist Batallion; later on for a second time became my aide de camp after I came to the throne, spent several years as milit. attache at Rome and finally commanded Mama's Regiment at Wiesbaden, where you saw him. I am sure that he is as worthy of your confidence as he commands mine, who knows him intimately since 25 years! Best thanks for your kind letter and your wishes for New Year, which I heartily reciprocate. May God bless and protect you and your family and grant Peace to your People this is the earnest wish of

Ever your devoted and aff-ate cousin, friend and ally


  1. Count Ivan D. Tatiseheff, the Czar's military representative attached to the person of the Kaiser.
  2. General F. W. L. Albano von Jacobi, a member of the Kaiser's suite, was at this time Minister Plenipotentiary at the Russian Emperor's Court, with a residence at Petrograd.

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