LIX Wilhelmshöhe 18/VIII/08

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Wilhelmshöhe 18/VIII/08

Dearest Nicky

Will you kindly do me the favour of kindly accepting the first proofs of my photos in the new Russian uniforms. They have not yet been published, and I hope your scrutinizing eye would find any faults with the turn out. Uncle Betrie[1] was all sunshine at Cronberg and in very good humour. He intends visiting Berlin officially with Aunt Alix[2] next year, date to be fixed. He also talked about Turkey, giving to understand that she was best left alone, to organize herself, and to reform Macedonia herself, so that the Powers were able for the time to drop the projected reforms, which seemes to relieve him visibly. I hope your trip is favoured by good weather, whilst we have incessant pouring rain here, with best love to Alix

Ever your aff-ate friend and cousin


  1. King Edvvard met the Kaiser on August 11th in Cronberg.
  2. Queen Alexandra.

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