LVII 1/II/1907

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Dearest Nicky

Hintze[1] is about to leave and this affords me the opportunity of sending you these lines through him. My warmest wishes accompany you in the New Year hoping that your steady work for your country and the welfare of the people may succeed in calming the minds heated by discussion and mis lead by unwarrantable agitation I hope that, if wiser counsels prevail with your subjects this year, and they behave themselves we shall be able to meet on the "waters" somewhere and that Henry[2] will be happy to show you the Fleet under his Flag. I think you will find a certain progress in its development since 1901 near Danzig old types having been eliminated and new ones added so as to render the whole fleet more homogenous.

With best love to Alix and the Children, whose photos pleased me immensely, specially of the boy and wishing you Gods blessing believe me dear Nicky

Ever your most aff-ate cousin and friend


  1. Captain von Hintze was a member of the Kaiser's suite, attached to the person of the Czar.
  2. Prince Henry of Prussia, the Kaiser's brother, had been appointed in September, 1906, to the chief command of the German battle-fleet.

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