LXIII Neues Palais 20/X/09

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Neues Palais 20/X/09

Dearest Nicky

As Tatischeff leaves Berlin to accompany you during your journey1 through our country I send you a short line by way of a salute. May your journey be pleasant and your stay in Italy agreeable and favoured by weather as we are here. Our Manoeuvres2 went off very well and were most successful as he will have reported to you. Discipline and marching powers of the Infantry very exceptional and brilliant. The country was interesting but most difficult beeing very hilly and partly wooded. The field kitchens copied from your models have proved most practical and were freely used. A very stirring moment for the spectators at the last day of the manoeuvres was the appareance of the Zeppelin3 airship accompanied by the military airship, which manouevered around it. My hunting stay in Rominten was favoured by such an exceptionally fine summer weather as we have not enjoyed for a long time. I killed 21 stags among them 6 of first class. The St. Johns Hospital which I built in the small frontier-town of Kittkehmen (opposite Wyschtynez) has answered very well, and during my inspection I saw several Russian patients we were able to care for. I am glad to hear that on account of the newly endowed Rontgen-Ray Cabinet, which I dedicated to the Hospital they have a good number of Russian patients, who come there to be "Durchleuchted"4 and we have done lots of good. You kindly sent a sum through Stremaukoff5 the Governor of Suwalki, who kindly came and inspected the Hospitals for which I beg you to accept my warmest thanks. He followed my invitation to Rominten and dined with us; he is a very nice, quiet and agreeable man, and keeps "Gute Nachbarshaft"6 with his Russian Collegues over the frontier, who are en rapport with him. I thought you would be pleased to know what a capable and good "representant" you have on this part of your frontier, which I regularly visit, as he is universally respected by my people. 2 days ago my daughter7 was confirmed in the Friedenskirche, and she pleased everybody by the brave way she passed the ordeal of reading her "Confession" out to the community all people were deeply moved and I was very proud of her. For she showed a depth of feeling, and a seriousness in dealing with the problem of Life and Religion, which deeply impressed the assembled clergy; the more so as she wrote it quite alone, forbidding anyone to help her. The splendid summer still continues all the roses are out and the flowerbeds full of colour like in August! The enclosed card corresponds exactly to the light of this evening.

With best wishes believe me dearest Nicky ever your most devoted

cousin and friend

1. The reference is to the visit of the Czar later in the month to Italy, when he was received by King Victor Emmanuel at Racconigi. A secret treaty, it was later disclosed, was concluded there between Russia and Italy.
2. At Morgentheim, in Wurtemberg, from September 13 to 17. The Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the Earl of Lonsdale, Mr. Winston Churchill, and General Sir Bruce Hamilton were among those attending them.
3. The airship referred to was the "Zeppelin III." which set out on the morning of the 17th from Frankfort for Morgentheim, a distance of about 200 miles.
4. Ex-rayed.
5. Peter P. Stremoukhov, Councillor of State, and Governor of Suwalki.
6. Good neighbors.
7. Princess Victoria Louise, born I892, who in 1913 married the Duke of Brunswick.