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Berlin 11/I/10

Dearest Nicky

So many thanks for your very kind letter with the photos Henry brought me, which pleased me much. What an excellent idea of yours making a two hours march in a private's kit and finding out for yourself what it means to carry such a load in the field! I am very glad to hear that you were satisfied with the appearance and behaviour of my deputation for poor Uncle Micha's[1] funeral. Thank you so much for the kind reception you gave them. They were very grateful for the permission to do duty on guard near his bier.

Henry faithfully repeated all the messages you intrusted him with for me. I entirely share your views. I can perfectly understand that developments in the Far East[2] are absorbing your attention.

The communication made to him about your decisions to withdraw 4 Army Corps from our frontier has given me great satisfaction. The more so as Henry told me, that in informing him of your decision you referred in the heartiest terms to the traditional friendship of our 2 countries and their brotherhood in arms established a century ago. You well know how I allways had and will have these sacred relations at heart and I need not tell you how deeply gratified I am at your kind and touching words.

I hope this letter will reach you on New Years day and I seize this opporunity of renewing to you and Alix the best wishes for the happy New Year for all of you God grant.

I hope to again hear from you as soon as you will be able to finally fix the date for our meeting in German waters. Henry suggested that he thought beginning of August on your and my return from Norway would suit you best? What a pleasure, the idea of seeing you dearest Nicky again! Best love to Alix and the children, the boy in particular, and believe me

Your true and devoted friend and cousin


  1. Grand Duke Michael Nicholaievitch, the Czar's great-uncle.
  2. There were numerous international complications at this time arising out of railways administration and construction in Manchuria and elsewhere in the Far East.

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