LXIX Neues Palais 12/I/1912

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Neues Palais 12/I/1912

Dearest Nicky

This letter will be brought to you by Gen. count Dohna just returned from India. He was present at the Durbar and will be able to give you vivid descriptions of the splendid and gorgeous scenes he took part in. His wife, who is staying since a few months at Petersburg to arrange his home for returning husband, will I am sure and hope be as agreeable to you and your Court as he. She writes very happy letters about the kindness shown to her by the society. As he is only just out of the tropics and the change to your climat with 20° beeing very sudden, I crave your condescension to think of him when opendoor ceremonies in winter are on the programme. As he is very thin, beeing bald too I suggested a warm wig forthe [sic] "Blessing of the water"! You can decide which colour it is to have!

I once more send you my sincerest wishes for a happy New Year, joining in your hopes and prayers to Heaven that He may grant us a peaceful one; well knowing that our sentiments in this point are identical, for our 2 countries. I hope that Xmas eve went off well and that no accidents happened with my gifts; especially I hope that the little "tummies" will be none the worse for their own cooking.

Is the electric Railway of last year still in good order? I was very sorry when I heard of the death of poor Gen. Stroukow,[1] he was an excellent man and an old and cherished acquaintance of mine and a loyal friend.

With my very best wishes also for Alix and the children, from whom I had through Olga such a nice telegram, I remain Ever

Your most aff-ate friend and cousin


  1. General Alexander P. Strukov, a well known Russian cavalry officer.

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