LXI Neues Palais 3/IV/09

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Neues Palais 3/IV/09

Dearest Nicky

Will you kindly accept for yourself and dear Alix an Easteregg from us as a token of undiminished love and friendship. The one with the Greek portico and fountain represents a part of Charlottenhof, which was copied in the gardens of Peterhof and is for Alix. The round temple in the "Freundschaftstempel" built by Fred. the Great in the park of Sans-souci and dedicated to all great historical pairs of men who kept their friendship unswervingly down to death, or who died for it. This may serve you as a symbol for our relation to each other as I look upon it. Easter is now nearing and I want to once more thank you sincerely for the loyal and noble way in which you kindly led the way to help to preserve peace. It is thanks to your highminded and tinselfish intiative that Europe has been spared the horrors of a universal war, and that the Holy Week will remain unsullied by human blood, which would have been spilt. You may celebrate your Easter with the elating knowledge that everywhere in Europe thausands of families are on their knees thanking the Lord for Peace and praying for his blessing on your head. I intend to leave for Corfu after Easter passing through Venice on our way down. How I wish I could show you this lovely spot, a little Paradise on Earth! No tourists and easily reached from the sea direct!A happy Easter and best wishes to Alix and the boy. --

Ever your devoted friend Willy

P.S. On my home voyage I shall probably visit Uncle Arthur at Malta.

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