LXVI Neues Palais 24/XII/1910

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Neues Palais 24/XII/1910

Dearest Nicky

I am most grateful for your frank answer concerning Hintze.[1] I learn with deep regret from your letter that he no longer enjoys your confidence, I have therefore decided to recall him.

As his successor I would propose sending Major Gen: à la suite von Lauenstein at present in command of a Brigade of Infantry in Hanover. He was my personal aide-de-camp before taking over his command. You will probably remember him from the time he was mili. attache to St. Petersburg; he also had the honour of accompanying your army to the war, and as I hear he was most popular with your officers. He is a most capable soldier and alltogether most reliable and trustworthy. He writes a splendid german style, and were consequently member of 3 committees who sat on the Reform of the Regelements of our Infrantry, Artillery and Cavalry, all three having emanated from his pen.

I place unlimited confidence in him and in the hopes of your approval to my proposal look forward to your answer.

I had Osten-Sacken[2] for lunch the other day. His health seems perfect and he was in high spirits. I am so glad you made him a knight of St. Andrews and I very much appreciate your most friendly and sympathetic allusion to the relations of our two countries in the letter which you addressed to the dear old gentleman on this occasion.

I got some charming cards from Alix with the children as a group please thank her from me for them. I send you a "couteau de chasse" and to Alix a "saladiere" for the zakouska table, made in my Majolikafactory,[3] and mounted in silver in Dresden.

With the best wishes for a happy prosperous New Year, which may be one of Peace, and much love to Alix and the children I remain

Ever your devoted friend and cousin


  1. This Captain von Hintze afterwards became the well-known Admiral. After the fall of Kühlmann, he became German Secretary for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Russian ambassador at Berlin.
  3. The Royal factory at Meissen, a few miles west of Dresden, until 1863 in the fortress of Albrechtsburg, and thereafter nearer the city.

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