LXXIII Berlin 18/III/I9I3

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Berlin 18/III/I9I3

Dearest Nicky
May I inform you that we have now definitely fixed the date for the wedding of our dear Sissy[1] for the 24th of May.

The main object of my lines is to convey to you and Alix our most cordial invitation to the wedding ceremonies. We both would only be too delighted if you could give us the pleasure of your presence and I fervently hope that you will be able to leave Russia for a few days to meet many of your relatives; as we have asked your dear Mama, Aunt Alix, Georgie and May, Waldemar[2] etc. to enable all the "Geschwister" to meet each other as well as Aunt Thyra.[3]

I am so glad all your festivities[4] went off so well and successfully, and that your boy could be present, and that he is progressing satisfactorily, and will soon I hope have quite recovered. After Easter the Cumberlands[5] are coming for a visit and then we go to Hamburg for a month, as the damned Balkan muddle has deprived me of the possibility of beeing at my heavenly paradise Corfu!

With best love from Victoria and me to Alix and all the children believe me Ever your most devoted cousin and friend



  1. Princess Victoria Louise, who on May 24 married the Duke of Brunswick.
  2. The Dowager Empress, Maria Feodorovna, was not present at the wedding. King George and Queen Mary, but not Queen Alexandra (Aunt Alix), accepted the invitations here referred to. Waldemar was the Grand Duke Vladimir.
  3. Aunt Thyra -- mother of the Duke of Brunswick.
  4. From the 6th to the 9th of March the 300th anniversary of the Romanoffs' accession to the throne was celebrated throughout Russia.
  5. The Brunswick family.

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