LXXII Berlin 3/II/13

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Berlin 3/II/13

Dearest Nicky

So many thanks for your kind wishes and the splendid gift you so kindly sent me. What a great surprise when I entered my birthday room I and saw the two grand pictures. It was really a charming idea of yours to send me those two beautiful originals which are of great artistical and historical value to us here, as they represent portraits of so many well known personality here. These pictures gave me a real great pleasure, and I beg you to accept my most hearty thanks once more.

I am so glad to see by your letter, that the dear boy[1] is making good progress, but sorry that the state of Alix's health is not satisfactory, I am sure the weeks she spent in tending the boy, must have been most trying; but confidently hope that rest and a cure or the Crimea will soon put her to right again.

I fervently hope with you that the Balkan troubles may soon be finally arranged without further complications, and am most anxious to cooperate with you for that purpose. Of course Austria as a near neighbour to those parts has interests to look after. But I am under the impression that in doing so, she does not reclaim anything for herself, but only wishes to make sure that no readjustments of the map occur which might turn out a danger to her in future. Adalbert is again out of bed, and tomorrow Dona[2] will again take up her quarters together with me. Thank God all went off so well. Best love to Alix and the children and believe me

Your most devoted and aff-ate cousin


  1. The Czarevitch Alexei.
  2. The Kaiserin.

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