LXXIV Berlin 30/I/14

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Berlin 30/I/14

Dearest Nicky

Many thanks to you dear Alix and the children for your kind wishes and the lovely china pot which accompanied them. Thank God I could spend my birthday in happiness especially owing to the presence of dear Sophy and Georgy who had come all the way from Athen to spend the day with me. I am most gratified that you still keep pleasant recollections of the visit you paid us last summer on the occasion of Sissy's wedding, and you may be assured that we all most heartily reciprocate your kind feelings and remembrance.

I am so glad to hear that you all have benefited so much by your nice stay in the Crimea, and that especially Alix and the boy are so much better for their visit to the sunny South.

Remember the interest, which you took a few years ago, when you visited Homburg, and saw the cathedral I built there, I venture to present you with a book, which I have caused to be published about the Chapel in the New Castle of Posen.[1] It is in the old Byzantine Style, took 7 years work and was consecreted in our presence last August. It is copied from Motives partly from Ravenna (Theodoric the Great's tomb) partly from Mon Reale and the Capella Palatina in Palermo.

The mission of Bieloselsky who brought the cravat for Alix's Dragoons was a very kind thought and most appreciated by the Regiment; he is to lunch with me on Sunday. With best love to Alix and the dear children believe me, dearest Nicky Ever

your devoted cousin and friend


  1. The Schloss, a Romanesque structure of granite and eandstone, was erected in 1905-1910. In the high tower is a chapel decorated with mosaics. But there is nothing Byzantine about Theodoric the Great's tomb in Ravenna.

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