LXXI Berlin 3/I/13

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Berlin 3/I/13

Dcarest Nicky

The messenger leaves today with my presents for you Alix and the children. I hope that they may please the august recipients. At the same time I send you my heartiest wishes for Xmas and a peaceful New Year. I earnestly hope and trust that 1913 may prove a peaceful one, as you telegraphed to me on New Years day. I think that on the whole the outlook is reassuring, and that the discussions in London,[1] which are progressing favourably, will continue to be held in a conciliatory and friendly spirit, in which direction the foreign Policy of your Government so ably cooperates with all the other Powers.

I thank you for your message Tatischeff transmitted to me, who will allready have returned my answer to you. I trust that also this matter may be brought to a satisfactory issue and the difficulties which have arisen overcome.

Your war minister Gen. Souchomlinow[2] paid me a visit on his return from Leipzig. He was most agreeable and most interesting in his descriptions of his deeds during the campaign 1877.

Up to now we have had a warm snowless winter here, which allows us to indulge in nice long gallops on horseback, nearly every day, provided it does not pour with rain.

Goodbye dearest Nicky, my best love to Alix and the children especially to the boy, who I hope is getting better, and believe myself Ever

Your most aff-ate cousin and friend


  1. The London Conference of Ambassadors had met on December 17th, but their discussions did not make the favorable progress here anticipated.
  2. General Wladimir A. Sukhomlinov, who was dismissed as Minister of War and tried for corruption and mismanagement during the Great War.

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