LXXV Berlin 26/III/I4

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Berlin 26/III/I4

Dearest Nicky

General Count Dohna, who has the honour of beeing attached to your person, has intimated to me his intention of leaving the service in the month of May. By the death of his father he has inherited a very large and extensive property as well as a very fine castle of Finkenstein;[1] a 100 years ago the Headquarter of Napoleon I before the battle of Eylau. He is absolutely necessary for the personal administration of it and so to my great regret I must accede to his wish. As remplacant for him I intend to send you, with your kind approval, his Excellency Gen. Lieut. v. Chelius.[2] He was my Regimental adjutant when I commanded the Leib Garde Husars, spent several years in Rome as militaire attache, commanded my old Hussar Regiment as Colonel with great distinction, and was on my personal service since then. He is quite phenomenal as musician, and plays piano as well as Rubinstein, d'Albert or any other great artist. He is very agreeable and quite discret and absolutely reliable; he is to accompany me to Corfu next month. He speaks fluently German, English, Italian and Ancient Greek, and is one of my most intimate personal friends I have.

With best love to Alix and the children Ever your

most aff-ate cousin and friend


  1. The Castle of Finkelstein, in East Prussia, is about 20 miles east of the Vistula and 50 southwest from Preuss-Eylau where Napoleon fought and defeated the Russians and Prussians under General Bennigsen on February 8, 1807.
  2. The last personal attaché of the Kaiser's to the Czar's Court.

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