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Note: In addition to other text and image sites listed below, also see the WWI Resource Center's discussion list archive, text archive and image archive.

General Documentation

See especially the sitemap -- some annotations are in English.
  • Europeana 1914-1918 -- an exhaustive collection of texts, images, documents, video and sound files on WWI from all European countries.
World War One - Articles -- Articles on various topics.
World War One - Collection Items -- Digital historical sources.
World War One - Themes -- Digital investigations.

Biographical Sketches

Bibliographies and Webographies

  • WWI Books - from U.C. San Diego History Department.
  • WWI Topics - from U.C. San Diego History Department.

Genealogical Resources

Home Front

Books and U.S. government publications documenting the national effort to make food the key to winning World War I.
Digitized in University of Wisconsin's Digital History Collection.
London: The Over-Seas Club, [1914-1918]


An eclectic survey of the literature of the Great War.
From an exhibit in BYU Library's Special Collections.
Venice: Istituto Veneto di Arti Grafiche Venezia, 1919
Provided by Oxford University; includes manuscript facsimiles of WWI poets.
This site at Emory University includes a great number of digitized poems and postcards.
An interactive research blog.
Compiled by Heinrich Lersch.
Jena: Eugen Diederichs, 1916
German war poetry.
(auf Deutsch)
By Margaret Wade Campbell Deland
Boston: The American Authors Fund, [1914-1918]
A blog with commentary and facsimiles of first drafts of Sassoon, Graves and Rosenberg;
Part of a publication by the Imperial War Museum.

Maps and Atlases

(New York: Macmillan, 1919).
3 vols. (Munich: F. Bruckmann, 1915-1919). - auf Deutsch -
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
  • Maps of World War I, offering detailed maps of war plans, battles, and political realignments (U.S. Military Academy).


Visual Arts


An astounding collection representing artists from Guillaume Apollinaire through Eric Kennington to Ossip Zadkine - UNESCO.
Art of World War I on the Madame Pickwick Art Blog.
The online exhibition is sponsored by the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas.
Site maintained by the government of Ontario, Canada.

Cartoons and Illustrated Books

Cartoons of J.-P. Pinchon, vaguely reminiscent of Wilhelm Busch and his Max und Moritz
(Paris: Gautier et Languereau, 1916)
Digitized in University of Wisconsin's Digital History Collection.

Between Shots

by Captain P.L. Crosby
with the 77th Division in France
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1919
  • Cartoons of Bruce Bairnsfather
[Bairnsfather was the British "Bill Mauldin" of World War One]
(London: "The Bystander" Tallis House, Whitefriars, & 190, Strand, n.d.)
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
The Bystander's Fragments from France
The Bystander's Fragments from France, vol. IV
Clippings from the Bystander, no. 5
More Fragments from France, vol. II
More Fragments from France, vol. 5
Still More Bystander's Fragments from France, vol. III
[Caricatures Designed to Enrage: Toward a Psychology of Entente]
(Berlin: Curtius, 1917). - Foreword in German, cartoons in French -
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
London: Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, [1914-1918]
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
British propaganda cartoons on the German invasion of Belgium
Digitally assembled at Brigham Young University.


A film documentary examining the Western political intrigue that laid the foundation for wars, coups, revolts and military interventions in the Middle East.
Hundreds of films in various categories from the extensive film archive of British Pathé.
Personal viewing of the copyright films is permitted in preview mode.
Includes open access videos, images and text documents.
A single access point to 28 European film archives and institutes.
A clickable list of available films is found underneath the viewing window.
A film documentary narrated by David Carridine.

Photography, Photo Collections, Photo Essays

Roughly 2,000 images digitized by the U.S. National Archives.
(Leeds: Petty and Sons, n.d.)
Photographs digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Roughly 2,000 images digitized by the U.S. National Archives.
(New York: The Committee for Men Blinded in Battle, 1917)
Photographs and text digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Photographic documents of the French Ministry of War's Photography Section.
2 vols. (Paris: Ministère de la guerre, 1917)
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Images discovered in the Rotterdam City Archives in 2014.
(1914; Facsimiles)
German WWI postcards from Historische Bildpostkarten
Digitized by the University of Osnabrück
(San Francisco, Califormia: Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1916).
[From Businessman to Man of War -- The Training of a British Soldier: Danish]
(London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, n.d.)
Photographs digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
[Through Swamp and Jungle -- The British Campaign in Africa: Danish]
(Bristol: Rankin Bros., n.d.)
Photographs digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Roughly 1,000 images digitized by the U.S. National Archives.
[The War in Pictures -- March 1918 French ed. of Verdenskrigen i billeder (below)]
(London: Illustrated London News & Sketch, 1918).
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Accounts from Contemporary Books and Magazines, Photo Galleries and Illustrations.
Picture of 18,000 Soldiers training at Fort Dodge, Iowa (click to enlarge).
["Hanging In There" -- British Women's Work in Wartime: Danish]
(England: The Mendip Press, n.d.)
Photographs digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
[Naval Watch Illustrated: The Unwavering Vigil of the British Fleet: Danish]
(London: Harrison, Jehring and Co., n.d.).
Photographs digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
[Illustrated History of the War of 1914] by Gabriel Hanotaux
17 vols. (Paris: Gounouilhou, 1915-1924). - en français -
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Hundreds of images digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
Exhibit and Gallery of humanitarian rescue and relief work in Europe and Palestine by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).
Produced by JDC Archives.
A searchable database of images by name, place, subject, etc. with zoomable photos.
A visual tour of important WWI sites as they now appear.
  • Verdenskrigen i billeder [World War in Pictures: Danish]
Subtitle added June-December 1918: ... fra de allieredes fronter [From the Allied Front]
(London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1917-1918)
Digitized in University of Wisconsin Digital History Collection.
1917: October - November - December
1918: January - February - . . . - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December
London: The Over-Seas Club, [1914-1918]
Photos from the German trenches by Hans Hildenbrand, presented by Spiegel Online International with an English interface.
Various photo collections from WWI.
Digital facsimiles of the collection at New York Public Library.
Including French images from Gallica, the online service of the French National Library.
From Library and Archives Canada.


War Poster Collection. Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.
Posters, Photos, Poets and Artists.
War Posters from 1910-1919.

By Country


  • The Australian Archives: From this page can be located Australian WWI serving personnel records, along with memorials and other records of Australian participation in the Great War.
  • The Australian Defence Force Academy: Includes access to the 'First AIF Database Project' which... seeks to record comprehensive information on all 332,000 men and women (i.e. nurses) who served in the the Australian Imperial Force 1914-19.
A subset of Australian Army War Diaries from the Australian War Memorial.
Ed. by Charles Bean; in 12 volumes (1920-1942).
From the Australian War Memorial.


  • "To My Peoples!" Documents of the Austrian National Library in cooperation with the Google Cultural Institute.


  • Fort de Liezele. Belgium - 1908-1914; concrete fortifications. In Dutch and English.

A new Belgian site, 'In Flanders Fields'.

  • Les Chevaliers du Ciel, a site in French, from Belgium, on the German fliers, including Richthofen, Voss, Udet.


  • The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada - the senior Canadian Highland Regiment.
  • Canada at War - The National SchoolNet collections site, part of Canada's Digital Collections, includes the: CEF Attestation Papers; Books of Remembrance; Aviation Hall of Fame; Canadian Military Medals and Decorations; Canadian Veterans Recollect; Courage Remembered; The Northwest Rebellion of 1885; the Taconis Collection and Canadian Military Uniforms. Major resource, en français et anglais.
Also available in the French version.
  • Over the Top, an interactive trench adventure at the Canadian War Museum.
Songs Popular during the First World War (audio)


England / Great Britain

  • The Accrington Pals - site dedicated to the 11th (Service) Battalion (Accrington) East Lancashire Regiment (It even has a German-language interface!)
  • Captain Noel Chavasse, Medical Officer of the 10th (Liverpool Scottish) Battalion, the King's (Liverpool) Regiment, England, the only man to win the Victoria Cross twice during the Great War. The primary reference for this life.
See in particular Lions Led by Donkeys for biographical notes on British generals.
  • Chailey 1914-1918 - the story of a village community (in what is now East Sussex) during the First World War.
  • Hellfire Corner, a WWI site by Tom Morgan focusing on British and Imperial involvement.
  • The Psywar Society of Great Britain publishes The Falling Leaf, which has published articles dealing with the Great War, including 'The First Leaflet of the First World War', 'Propaganda Behind The Lines', and 'Air Disseminated Postcards of the First World War.


  • La Deuxième Bataille de la Marne 1914-1918, France - The Second Battle of the Marne River; Pour tout savoir sur la Bataille et les détails des opérations de la Commémoration de la Deuxième Bataille de la Marne.
  • French Aviation in World War I -- All you ever wanted to know... and more. (en français)
  • Vestiges militaria - French-language portal to war relics & personal collections left over from the First and the Second World Wars.


Portal to over 700,000 WWI documents.
A German-language portal to the First World War.
A German site reporting on the conference of the same name.
- also available in English -
- also available in English -
A website of the German Naval Archive.
Collection of German military documents held by Russia.
The German air corps from 1911 through 1920.
Information on German flyers, including the "Red Baron," Manfred von Richthofen.




The Netherlands

New Zealand

  • New Zealand and the Great War. Peter Hoar's contribution to mark New Zealand's participation in the war, including memorial sites, chronology and bibliography.

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

  • Royal Dublin Fusiliers. The history of the RDF, an infantry regiment of the British army that was disbanded before independence in 1922.


  • Diário da Grande Guerra. National Library of Portugal website that features timelines with testimonies about the Portuguese presence in WW1 including newspapers, postcards, posters and other materials.


Scotland (see also Great Britain)

South Africa

Turkey/Ottoman Empire

Located at the library of Texas Tech University.
  • Gallipoli. A website on the battle by Julien Snelders.

United States

  • Harry S Truman Library, (USA) - with a wide variety of representative documents and photos concerning the President's experiences.
  • Life at Camp Funston: Reflections of Army Sergeant Charles L. Johnston, USA. Co-respondence, photographs, dealing with Camp Funston (Ft. Riley), Kansas, 1918.
  • World War I History Commission Questionnaires of the State of Virginia, USA. The surveys of World War I veterans in Virginia, a fully-searchable database of over 14,900 records, one for each questionnaire respondent, accessible by name, city/county, and race. Each record is also linked to digitized images of each page of the questionnaires, as well as any accompanying material such as photographs and additional pages submitted by the respondents.

Miscellaneous Sites

WWI Document Archive > Links to Other WWI Sites