Peace Treaty of Versailles

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28 June, 1919:
The Peace Treaty of Versailles


<a href="versa/versa1.html">Articles 1 - 30 and Annex</a>   The Covenant of the League of Nations

<a href="versa/versa2.html">Articles 31 - 117 and Annexes</a>  Political Clauses for Europe

<a href="versa/versa3.html">Articles 118 - 158 and Annexes</a>  German Rights and Interests Outside Germany

<a href="versa/versa4.html">Articles 159 - 213</a>  Military, Naval and Air Clauses

<a href="versa/versa5.html">Articles 214 - 226</a>  Prisoners of War and Graves

<a href="versa/versa6.html">Articles 227 - 230</a>  Penalties

<a href="versa/versa7.html">Articles 231 - 247 and Annexes</a>  Reparations

<a href="versa/versa8.html"> Articles 248 - 263</a>  Financial Clauses

<a href="versa/versa9.html"> Articles 264 - 312</a>  Economic Clauses

<a href="versa/versa10.html"> Articles 313 - 320 and Annexes</a>  Aerial Navigation

<a href="versa/versa11.html"> Articles 321 - 386</a>  Ports, Waterways and Railways

<a href="versa/versa12.html"> Articles 387 - 399</a>  Labour

<a href="versa/versa13.html"> Articles 400 - 427 and Annex</a>  Procedure

<a href="versa/versa14.html"> Articles 428 - 433</a>  Guarantees

<a href="versa/versa15.html"> Articles 434 - 440 and Annex</a>  Miscellaneous Provisions


Maps & Charts

    <a href="versa/chart1.gif">Germany's Allowed Military Structure</a> Europe and Asia Minor in 1914</a> <a href="versa/vmap2.gif">Europe and Asia Minor in 1924</a> <a href="versa/vmap3.gif">Germany in 1919</a> <a href="versa/vmap4.gif">Mandates in Africa, 1919</a> <a href="versa/vmap5.gif">Mandates in the Pacific, 1919</a> <a href="versa/vmap6.gif">Former German Cables, 1919</a> <a href="versa/vmap7.gif">The Mideast After Sevres, 1920</a> <a href="versa/vmap8.gif">Mandates in Arabia, 1920</a> <a href="versa/vmap9.gif">President Wilson's Tour of the US, Sept. 1919</a>



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