Rover Sunbeam Ambulance

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Made by The Rover Co. under agreement with the Sunbeam Motor Car Co., this ambulance saw service in World War I in France and was named 'Gutless Gert'. In 1919 it was shipped to New Zealand for use in areas without resident doctors. It was stationed at Greymouth, for a long time the only motorized ambulance on the West Coast. In 1925, having passed through the hand of one private owner, Stan Booth acquired it and converted it into a Motor Caravan. In due course, 'Gutless Gert' was consigned to be left deteriorating under some trees. In 1966 it was discovered by Bryan Jackson at Kerikeri, Northland, with a tamarillo tree growing through the bonnet. He bought it for £30 and restored it to war service condition bearing the ambulance marking of the Royal Army Service Corps in France and renamed it Jessie. Bought by Mr. Rhodes in the 1970's, it is believed to be the last remaining WWI Rover Sunbeam Ambulance.

(Photo courtesy of Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum, New Zealand)