The Racconigi Bargain

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October, 1909
The Racconigi Bargain

</head> <body> Excerpts from the October, 1909 secret Agreement between Nicholas II and King Victor

Emmanuel III of Italy. Some few days later, Italy signed another agreement with Austria-Hungary, which ignored the agreement made at Racconigi.

Materials for the History of Franco-Russian Relations ( Materialy po Istorii Franko-Russkikh Otnoshenii za 1910-1914) (Moscow, 1922), p. 298.


4. If Russia and Italy desire to conclude agreements concerning the European East with a third Power, beyond those that exist at the present moment, each will do so only with the participation of the other. <P>

5. Italy and Russia pledge themselves to regard with benevolence, the one Russia's interests in the matter of the Straits, the other Italian interests in Tripoli and Cyrenaica. <P>