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Jagdhaus Rominten [1] 26/IX/95.

Dearest Nicky

My Uncle the Chancellor[2] referring to the kind and sympathetic way with which you received him, has owned himself quite won by your manner, and was profoundly impressed by your knowledge about the political situation and the quiet and calm manner with which you judged the questions of interest. He also told me that you expressed a wish that I should continue the custom, which we have begun, of writing to you if I thought there was occasion for it, I do this with pleasure. The situation in the Far East has given you the opportunity of discussing it with my uncle. I thank you for the way in which you kindly alluded to my cooperation with Russia and the coaling station question. The development of the Far East, especially its danger to Europe and our Christian Faith is a matter which has been greatly on my mind ever since we made our first move together in Spring. At last my thoughts developed into a certain form and this I sketched on paper. I worked it out with an Artist[3] -- a first class draughtsman and after it was finished had it engraved for public use. It shows the Powers of Europe represented by their respective Genii called together by the Arch-Angel Michael, sent from Heaven, to unite in resisting the inroad of Buddhism, heathenism and barbarism for the Defence of the Cross.

Stress is especially laid on the united resistance of all European Powers, which is just as necessary also against our common internal foes, anarchism, republicanism, nihilism. I venture to send you an engraving begging you to accept it as a token of my warm and sincere friendship to you and Russia. In the midst of these peaceful occupations and of the quiet hunting fell the astounding news I got from Paris that the French Chamber's Budget Committee[4] -- in discussing the Military Budget propose to recall the XIX Corps (Algiers and Tunis) and to form a new continental Corps on my Western Frontier! This, recall has only been done once before in 1870 when France made war on us, such a project in the deepest times of Peace, has fallen like a thunderbolt on Germany and has created a deep feeling of alarm. This has been deepened by the fact that the proposal became publicly known the moment after Prince Lobanoff[5] and Gen. Dragomiroff had officially assisted the Review of the French "Border Army" on the Lorraine Frontier amidst the energetic enthusiasm of the "Border People." This Army which the French Papers are telling us since weeks is meant for the first rush on our "Border Land" is the Revanche War! It is already 4 Corps strong against my 2 (XV, XVI). The proposed new Corps would increase the allready overwhelming French forces to 5 Corps, and constitutes a threat as well as a serious danger to my country. Of course upon this I must now began to take matters seriously. For this event happening in the moment your officers are being decorated and Lobanoff feted, whilst my attache's ears were greeted with not over agreeable remarks, has made people uneasy here and given affairs an ugly look, as if Russia would like France to be offensive against Germany with the hopes of help from the first named. Such a serious danger will cause me to strongly increase my army, to be able to cope with such fearful odds. Heavy as the financial strain would weigh on us, my People would never waver a moment to guarantee their security should this be necessary. I perfectly know that you personally do not dream of attacking us, but still you cannot be astonished that the European Powers get alarmed seeing how the presence of your officers and high officials in official way in France fans the inflamable Frenchmen into a white heated passion and strengthens the cause of Chauvinism and Revanchism.

God knows that I have done all in my power to preserve the European Peace, but if France goes on openly or secretly encouraged like this to violate all rules of international courtesy and Peace in peacetimes, one fine day my dearest Nicky you will find yourself nolens volens suddenly embroiled in the most horrible of wars Europe ever saw! Which will by the masses and by history perhaps be fixed on you as the cause of it. Pray don't be angry, if I perhaps hurt you quite unintentionally, but I think it my duty to our two countries and to you as my friend to write openly. As the seclusion and retirement the deep mourning has imposed upon you, debars you from seeing people and following in detail what is happening -- behind the scenes.

I have some experience of Politics, and see certain unmistakable symptoms, so I hasten to you, my friend, to plead in the name of the Peace of Europe; if you are allied "for better, for worse" with the French, well then, keep those damned rascals in order and make them sit still, if not then don't let your Men who go to France make the French believe that you are allied and get reckless and turn their heads till they lose them, and we have to fight in Europe instead for it against the East. I think of the awful responsibility for the shocking bloodshed! Now Goodbye dearest Nicky, best love to dear Alix and believe me

Ever your most devoted and faithful friend and Cousin



  1. In East Prussia, near the Russian frontier, where the Kaiser had a shooting box
  2. Prince von Hohenlohe, who succeeded Caprivi on October 28th, 1894. He had come to Petrograd on September l0th
  3. The artist was Professor Knackfuss of Cassel.
  4. The Committee was at this time considering the formation of a Colonial Army.
  5. Minister for Foreign Affairs, who was sent together with Dragomiroff by the Czar to the French Army maneuvers in the neighborhood of Mirecourt in September, 1895
  6. Imperator Rex.

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