XIII Neues Palais 4/I/1898.

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WWI Document Archive > Pre - 1914 Documents > Willy-Nicky Letters between the Kaiser and the Czar > Letters VI - XX (26 November 1895-13 June 1901) > XIII Neues Palais 4/I/1898

Willy-Nicky holographic letter of Neues Palais 4/I/1898.

Neues Palais 4/I/1898.

Dearest Niky

The new year has just opened and the old year has closed. But I cannot let it close without a glance at those lovely and brilliant days of August,[1] when I was able to embrace you and Alix, and without thanking you for your kind, splendid even lavish hospitality to Victoria and me. With deep feelings of gratitude do I remember the pleasant hours I was able to spend with you, exchanging intercourse showing that we were of one opinion in the principles we follow in the fullfillment of the task, which has been set us by the Lord of all Lords. Each of us tries to do his best for his country's development and wellfare as is his duty! But in community we seek to procure to our countries the blessings of Peace!

May this New Year be a happy one for you dear Alix and the whole of your house and country. May the plans, which you mature be fullfilled for the wellfare of your people. Henry's mission[2] is one of the steps I have taken for the help and countenance of your lofty ideals without which no sovereign can existin promoting civilisation i.e. Christianity in the Far East! Will you kindly accept a drawing I have sketched for you, showing the Symbolising figures of Russia and Germany as sentinels at the Yellow Sea for the proclaiming of the Gospel of Truth and Light in the East. I drew the sketch in the Xmas week under the blaze of the lights of the Xmas trees!

Also an album of photographs representing the review on your birthday[3] at Wiesbaden before the new Standard of your Hussar Regiment and the Swearing in of the Recruits of your fine Alexander Regiment as well as a scene from its barrack-ground. A book of memoirs of the father on my Chief of the Horse Count Wedel will follow shortly as the binding is not quite finished yet. He served under Napoleon I in 1812 in Russia, was made prisoner by your troops and makes very interesting description of the campaign and of his captivity. Victoria[4] send her best wishes, she was in bed for a long time and suffered much from nerves and a bad throat and only got up today for the first time. She had much worry on account of the two youngest ones[5] who suffered from a bad attack of influenza which is raging here, and were laid up for nearly a month.

Now good bye dearest Nicky best love to Alix and my most respectful compliments to your dear mama from Your most

devoted and faithful friend and cousin


  1. The Kaiser and Kaiserin visited Petrograd, August 7-13, 1897.
  2. This mission was defined on December 16 by Prince Henry of Prussia at a banquet at Kiel just before he left in his flagship the "Deutschland" in command of the German squadron for China. In his speech Prince Henry said: "I am only animated by one desire, to proclaim and preach abroad to all who will hear as well as those who will not the Gospel of Your Majesty's Sacred Person."
  3. May 6th.
  4. The Kaiserin had been suffering from a diphtheritic indisposition.
  5. Princess Victoria Louise and Prince Joachim.

WWI Document Archive > Pre - 1914 Documents > Willy-Nicky Letters between the Kaiser and the Czar > Letters VI - XX (26 November 1895-13 June 1901) > XIII Neues Palais 4/I/1898