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Neues Palais 17/XII/1901

Dearest Nicky

Your own dear brother Micha's[1] visit is coming to an end and with great regret we see him leave. He is a cheering and most engaging young man, who has captivated everybody here, even my daughter! He shot very well 1and has bravely gone through all the "corvées" of an official dinner with presentations and cercle, though greatly relieved that there was no "speechifying." All the people who met him were struck by his clear, open manly countenance and frank expression! He was a success! I am most grateful for the kind words about Dantzig, which make me uncommonly proud. I hope that on my visit next summer I may be able to show a more homogenous squadron and one of the new protected cruisers! I am looking forward to our beeing together with pleasure! Colonel Kasnakof is here with the officers of my Dragoons and seems a remarkably nice oflicer; I am so glad to have them all here. -- I beg you, as a souvenir of my dear Mama, to accept a pin from me and a locket for Alix. Micha will hand them over to you. With the sincerest wishes for a happy new year and merry Xmas, I remain your loving cousin and friend



  1. Grand Duke Michael, the Czarevitch, arrived in Berlin on December 15th, where he was received by the Kaiser at the station. The Czarevitch was present at a banquet at Potsdam on December 16th and went pheasant shooting with the Kaiser on the following day.

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