XXIX Neues Palais 4/XII/1903

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Neues Palais 4/XII/1903

Dearest Nicky

Enclosed I send you some interesting material for your amusement. Articles about politics, about naval matters, a description of floods in Petersburg -- which I do not know whether it is right -- and an illustrated magazine about the last maneuvres. Perhaps you will find topics which will remind you of our last conversation, and show how the development of events is looked upon in Europe, perhaps sometimes different from the aspect at Petersburg. If they are old news I beg your pardon, but as you said at Wolfsgarten, it did not matter, provided it were news relating to the interests common to the surety of our 2 nations I venture to submit them to you; they come from cuttings from quite different sources and papers. How glad I am that Alix is all right again and free from that abominable pain! The shooting results are very fine and I wish you "Weidmannsheil" with all my heart. I sent Gen. Adjut. v. Loewenfeld[1] to London to give the long service cross (25 years) to Uncle Arthure[2] and in the same time to reconnoitre the frame of mind and the flow of public opinion about the Eastern Question. His mother is an English Lady, so he speaks it very well. What he saw or heard I shall let you know.

The Officers in Command of my troops in China have been for a long time allready ordered closely to survey the intercourse between Japs and Chinese Military and the growing influence of Japan with the Chinese Army. 2 days ago I got a report that the Japs are clandestinely arming the Chinese behind your and my backs against us. That they have concluded a secret engagement with China to provide the Army with 20000 new repeating Rifles and ammunition, 48 field guns, and 12 Mountain guns (rapid firing) with ammunition to be there till next summer. The Chinese troops are drilling day and night, as the people who watched them for instance at Pao-tins-fu say, remarkably well! Commanded by Jap. instructing officers, whose numbers are steadily increasing! Nice business! I believe the Chinese might not to be allowed to have Japs in their Armyl They are sure to rouse Chinese hopes and inflame their hatred against the White Race in general and constitute a grave danger to your rear in case you would have to face a Jap adventure on the Seashore. Begging your pardon for my liberty I have taken I hope the Admiral of the Pacific will not be angry with the Admiral of the Atlantic's signals, who is allways on the lookout! Ta, ta, best love to Alix

From your devoted friend and cousin toujours en vedette


  1. General Alfred von Loewenfeld was General a la suite from 1901 to 1904.
  2. The Duke of Connaught. There is no record of the Long Service Cross having been conferred on the Duke. He was appointed Prussian Field Marshal in 1906.

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