XXV Berlin 30/I/1902.

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Berlin 30/I/1902

Dearest Nicky

Let me once more thank you by letter for your kind thought of sending your favorite Aide de Camp Obolenski with the presents for my birthday. The "pelerine" is most practical and will do good service in all weathers, notabene in going in a launch to and from the "Standart" to the "Hohenzollern" at Reval! Then the vases are quite charming; the blue one with "pâte sur pâte" is an exquisite specimen and a most handsome decoration in my salons. Obolenski accompanied me all through the different functions of my birthday and will be able to tell you what a poor, overworked Landesvater[1] has to go through before he is able to sit down quietly for a morsel of food and a cigarette!! However we managed to be very jolly as all my "Geschwister"[2] were here and Henry managed to keep the family alive, elated as he is with the prospect of paying the Americans and their fair ladies a flying visit,[3] which to our great amusement seems to create considerable "toothache" in the shores on the side of the Channel!

But I must not take up your precious time any longer; Obolenski[4] brings you the tables of the Russian, American, and Japanese Navies drawn up according to the latest reports, and photographs from Danzig, upon which I allways look back with thanks and pleasure as your most dutiful and aff-ate cousin and friend
Best love to Alix.


  1. Father of his country.
  2. Brothers and sisters.
  3. Prince Henry arrived in the United States on February 23rd, 1902.
  4. Prince Vladimir Nicholaievitch Obolensky, Colonel of the Preobrajensky Guard Regiment.

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