XXXI Neues Palais 9/I/1904

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Neues Palais 9/I/1904

Dearest Nicky

Only a line to tell you how my thoughts are occupied with you in this serious time. May God grant that everything will come off smoothly, and that the Japs may listen to reason; notwithstanding the frantic efforts of the vile press of a certain country. That also seems to have money left to sink it into the Japanese mobilization abyss. I thank you for the communique you sent me officially through Osten-Sacken. It is very clear and will doubtless lead to a strengthening of Peace. I hope it will appease the feelings of the impertinent war party in Japan as it will surely satisfy the rest of the Powers anxious for their commerce to whom "open door" was once promised.

I send you a copy of "Marine Rundschau" with an article about "Ironclad Cruizers" written by L.[1] This L. is a mask under which I hide myself, for I wrote it, but nobody has a blessed notion except Tirpitz. As material for my article -- written in November -- I managed to get very interesting details about "Rivadaria" and "Moreno" -- now presented to Japan by England[2] -- who were then building for Argentina. These plans which are quite "confidential" and were submitted to me by express permission of the President of the Argentine Republic, were sent me by Amaldo. As the ships may interest you, I send you the Atlas, for your personal use. I think the ships a perfect type of "Ironclad Cruizer" because they manage to get much into a small tonnage "multum in parvo". They cost 15 Mill. francs each, which is not much. May your men not have to fight against them; it is indeed a great pity you did not buy them. The paper cutting shows you what a certain people call neutrality.

Best wishes for a year of happiness and Peace and in the hopes of meeting you in it and with warmest love to Alix

Ever Yours most aff-ctionally

P.S. Forgive me if I trouble you so often with telegrams, but at Wolfsgarten, you kindly said that you were thankful for any news worth while which I was able to communicate to you; of course I rely on your secrecy, as they are only for you. Admiral of Atlantic.


  1. The article appeared in the January, 1904, iscue of the "Marine-Rundschau" and is the only one in the files of this magazine bearing the pseudonym of "L." It takes up and answers the question, "What exactly is an armored cruiser?"
  2. The "Rivadaria" and the "Moreno" were not presented but sold by England to Japan.