X Coburg 19/iv/96.

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Coburg 19/iv/96.

Dearest Nicky

The merry wedding1 which is taking place here and the faces of many of the guests remind me of two years ago when it was my good fortune to be able to help you to secure that charming and accomplished angel who is now Yours wife. The reminiscaises of april 1894 2 were also felt by the others and from that cause they all agreed that we should send You the telegram You will have got. I venture to trust that I did not say or promise then anything that You have not afterwards found in Your matrimonial life. May Gods blessing be on You both especially in the next month when You are going to be crowned under the admiring assisstance of the world. I thank You most heartily for Yours kind letter You sent me through Werder the day I left for the Mediterranean, he was so happy over his stay in Petersburg, having seen so many well known faces. I quite agree with what You say in the end of Yours letter about the Britishers, there fanfarronades against us make them supremly ridiculous, and no impression on me. The worse they are hampered in Afrika, the better for us in Asia. Now good bye dear Nicky, best love to Alix and Godspeed from your aff-ate cousin and friend


[Editor's Note: The string of possessives in the letter above, along with the capitalisation, form part of the printed original. AJP]

1. That of Princess Alexandra of Coburg to the Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.
2. April 1895.--The engagement of the Czar, then Czarevitch, to Princess Alix of Hesse took place at Coburg in April, 1894, where she and the Czarevitch were staying for the wedding of Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and the Grand Duke of Hesse.